Office Ergonomics Workshop

Designed for facilities managers,
HR representatives, and OHS staff

Showcase speaker, Mike Harnett

In this workshop, key personnel will be trained in how to establish and sustain an in-house office ergonomics program that will optimize worker efficiency through the identification of musculoskeletal and organizational risk factors.

Topics covered during this seminar include:

  • Defining the process – Learn how to incorporate and streamline an in-house ergonomics process with existing business systems for maximum efficiency and return on investment. Understand and clearly define roles and responsibilities, legal liabilities, communication structures and return-to-work strategies. Develop an evaluation strategy that includes how to measure the success of specific interventions and the ergonomics process as a whole.
  • Assess workstations – Focus shifts to how to properly adjust and optimize current furnishing and accessories to meet the needs of the workforce, including how to identify common workstation hazards that lead to the development of discomfort and injury. Learn how to orient new employees or transferred employees to a new workstation. Understand when it may be necessary to call in a professional ergonomist.
  • Procurement of furnishings, equipment and accessories – Office furnishings are big business, but remember, it’s buyer beware! Learn how to work with product vendors to get the best value for your dollar, and evaluate the necessity of replacement versus retrofitting. Discover what it takes to build in adaptability to accommodate the majority of workers. Gain knowledge in how to evaluate and choose appropriate furnishings and accessories for at-risk employees (e.g. very small, very large, or individuals with specific needs).

Mike Harnett Bio

Mike (yes, Mike!) is the President and Director of Operations for WorkSMART, a progressive ergonomics consulting firm that specializes in office and industrial assessments, injury prevention training, shift work education and fatigue management programming. She is the current regional President-Elect of ACE, the Association of Canadian Ergonomists.

Recognized as a specialist in the development and delivery of innovative training for both management and workers, Mike emphasizes the use of interactive methods with a healthy dose of fun thrown in. She is a sought after guest and keynote speaker at conferences and corporate events across Canada and the United States, utilizing her incredible talent for making people laugh even while attempting to depress them!