Management Excellence

management (1)Management means achieving results through organized and collective efforts of others. In many cases today’s managers are people who showed skill and abilities in their previous jobs and therefore were promoted to management. Unfortunately many of these managers have not had the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to lead a team. In this session we will cover the key skills required for management excellence.

Topics covered include:

  • Building a great team- To achieve great results, you need to have great people. We will discuss ways to find, choose, develop and retain the people you want and need.
  • Identifying Objectives- If your company lacks clear objectives, productivity is greatly diminished. It’s extremely important to ensure that your people clearly understand what they need to do and why they need to do it.
  • Management Skills – Learn ways to develop the 10 skills of great managers.
  • Achieving outstanding results- Without continued positive results, a company cannot move forward. You will learn ways to work together with your team to achieve desired results.