Lessons in Leadership

Showcase speaker, Lee Cockerell

Lee Cockerell held various executive positions in Hilton Hotels, the Marriott Corporation and the Walt Disney Corporation. His experience and knowledge about principles of leadership and management can be applied to any level of any organization. Lee Cockerell is featured in the executive Speaker Series of the Disney Institute which is a recognized leader in experiential training, leadership development, benchmarking and cultural change for business professionals across the globe. The lessons from his new book Creating Magic are some of the most important principles any senior executive leadership team can learn.

Covered topics: 

1. Making Magic 7. Learn the Truth
2. Everyone is Important 8. Burn the Free Fuel
3. Break the Mold 9. Stay Ahead of the Pack
4. Making Your People Your Brand 10. Be careful what you say and do
5. Creating magic through training 11. Develop Character
6. Eliminate Hassles 12. Leading into the future