Leading the Millennial

leading_millennialsIn this seminar, participants will learn the seven keys in leading the Millennial Professional; forces that shaped this generation’s traits; their characteristics in the workplace and finally the impact this generation has on an organization’s culture.

Topics covered during this seminar include:

  • Seven Key Millennial Traits – Understanding the traits of this generation and how they were shaped is essential to leading them. The seven core traits covered are: special, sheltered, confident, team-oriented, conventional, pressured, and achieving.
  • Leadership Techniques – Applying the right leadership technique to the right Millennial trait at the right time is the key to leading this generation. Participants will receive pragmatic coaching and managing techniques to lead this generation to results.
  • Cultural Impact – The Millennial generation is making big impacts on organizational culture, most notably as it relates to technology and people practices. Culture answers “the way we do things around here” and the Millennial Generation, like other generations that have come before them, are setting the stage for change.