High Speed Sales for Women

Showcase speaker, Kim Duke

The High Speed Sales for Women seminar topics Include:

  • The 5 Biggest Sales Mistakes Women Make
    • Understanding the 5 mistakes
    • Making sure you don’t make them
  • Making Sales Natural, Fun and more Effective
    • Using what you already have to make selling a habit
    • Becoming an effective Sales Superstar
    • Having fun and being successful
  • How to make Meatloaf of Your Competition
    • Don’t let the competition drive you Crazy
    • Understanding that competition is good for business
    • The ingredients for healthy competition

Kim Duke Bio

Kim Duke is CEO and Founder of The Sales Divas. She’s an international sales expert who provides savvy, sassy sales training for entrepreneurs (with a twist!)

Her extensive sales background was based in the media industry – 15 years working with 2 of Canada’s largest national television networks in sales and management.

She is a national award winning salesperson and was the second youngest sales manager in Canada for CBC Television (Canada’s oldest network).

Now Kim is a successful entrepreneur who provides training for companies internationally. She was recently in Vegas and was one of the key conference speakers which included Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup For The Soul and The Secret.

Kim’s first love is working with women entrepreneurs and women in sales – she loves helping women succeed! And she doesn’t want you to break a nail dialling for dollars!!

She’s an author and speaker who has had numerous interviews for international and national television, as well as radio and print across North America. Kim also writes hundreds of articles for newsletters and websites internationally. Thousands of women entrepreneurs from 54 countries around the world eagerly await her sales tips each week.

She’s bold, she’s sassy and she says it like it is.