Our eLearning solution is a convenient and effective tool for companies who want to train multiple people in multiple locations quickly, easily and affordably. Our online training solution can be used to teach your team about virtually anything including your company’s products, services, policies and processes. Our training can be delivered simultaneously across many time zones and locations. One of the great benefits of eLearning is that your company no longer has to worry about providing training to those who are on vacation, sick leave, or shift-work. Your team can take the training whenever it is convenient for them because the important information is available when they are.

What makes our e-modules unique?

Our eLearning modules are unique as they feature actors who professionally present information to your team. These hosts provide clear and detailed explanations of the learning material as they guide your team through the module. To further enhance learning, information recall, and the user experience, we include dynamic motion graphics. Combining high definition video and quality audio with these features allows us to provide your team with an unparalleled learning experience.

Another key feature that sets our eLearning solution apart is its testing and reporting functionality. Included in each module is a quiz to test your team’s understanding of the information presented. Our ELearning interface allows them to receive their test results immediately. Managers benefit from access to a reporting dashboard that allows them to determine who has completed which training courses, the scores they have received on their tests, and the average learner scores for each module by department, store, division, region or any other level. It is even possible for management to examine test results and determine where learning challenges occur and further training is required.

Who is our eLearning for?

Our online eLearning solutions are ideal for companies that add new products and services to their current offerings, expand their operations, change policies or renew business processes. Additionally, our eLearning solution is also beneficial for companies who are trying to develop leaders and best practices. Each of these situations requires employees to receive training, but companies often face challenges when trying to disseminate this important information across departments, stores, divisions, regions, or territories. Our eLearning platform allows companies to overcome communication bottlenecks as we teach, inform and develop teams at the speed of sound!

Services We Offer

Our team of skilled professionals will handle all aspects of production to deliver a quality, informative learning experience for your team. Our module pricing includes casting and actor fees, filming and editing expenses, and motion graphic design. We also offer professional script development as an additional service. Our team of experienced writers can take on the challenge of navigating through the training material provided by you, the subject matter expert, to develop a condensed and succinct script for your approval. Upon your approval of the script, we will start filming. This allows you to rest assured that the final product will meet with your satisfaction.

Business Improvement Solutions will gladly develop a pricing proposal free of charge for your company that details our timeline, costs, and deliverables. To take advantage of this free service, please send us a list of proposed training modules, number of learners, dashboard users and organizational levels.

To learn more about our eLearning solution call us today at 1-866-416-1660.