Effective Communication

effective_communicationIn this seminar participants will learn to view communication as a series of verbal and non-verbal information exchanges between individuals. This session will include a close look at interpretations, perceptions, and the effect that personal filters and belief systems have on communication.

Topics covered during this seminar include:

  • Communication methods- Information is sent and received by more than just verbal means. Our actions, how we maintain our work environment, body language and other non-verbal cues communicate just as clearly as our words.
  • Communication filters- Belief systems, perceptions, past experiences, and preconceived notions are just a few of the factors that play a role in how information is perceived, filtered and interpreted. Being aware of these factors can greatly improve communication.
  • Improving communication- The implementation of simple techniques can help prevent misunderstandings and improve the communication process.
  • Listening skills – Good listening skills are an integral part of effective communication. We will cover valuable tips for improving your listening skills.
  • Effective electronic communication – Email is a staple of most people’s lives in today’s business world. You will learn effective ways to communicate electronically as well as helpful tips for designing easy to read emails so that you get more response from your communications.