Career Management

In this seminar, millennial professionals will learn how to manage their career as well as how their generational traits have shaped their views on career, leadership and the organizations they work for. The primary focus for this coaching and workshop program is to increase awareness and application of career management strategies and promote ownership for managing their career within the organization.

Topics covered during this seminar include:

  • Millennial Generation – Explore millennial core generational traits and how they help and hinder you in your career.
  • Career Management – Discover the universal 6 key steps that all career managers and career consultants know.
  • Self-Awareness – Learn how to leverage your core talents and values and why they impact your career success now and in the future.
  • Targeting an Opportunity – Understand how career depth and career breadth strategies work and why you need to know before making career altering decisions.
  • Overcoming Obstacles – Learn how to utilize personal and organizational forces to overcome perceived roadblocks, and learn how to talk to your manager about opportunities.
  • Star at Work Strategies – Learn nine strategies that can affect your reputation for being a star at work, otherwise known as your career currency.
  • Action Planning – Develop an action plan encompassing what you need to research and what you need to do to further your career objectives.